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The benchmark Danish brand for in-boom furlers



When XPO introduced the first FURLERBOOM in-boom furler to the French market in 2007, the product was largely innovative in terms of functionality, ease of adaptation to all types of rig, intuitive operation and aesthetics. Production in "workshop" mode at the time has expanded considerably since then, to meet growing and continuing market demand. Today's production capacities enable us not only to respond to individual requests on existing boats, but also to requests from boatyards to complete the options on their boats.
Often in Denmark, Xavier Phelipon regularly visits FURLERBOOM's production facilities to discuss and monitor orders in progress, and to contribute his sailing experience and knowledge of the French market to product development.



XPO offers FURLERBOOM in-boom furling systems for sale, with full support from order to installation. In collaboration with the best professional riggers and sailmakers, we'll be at your side to make your project a reality, with the transparency and follow-up that such an investment demands. Our aim is to enable you to sail quickly and safely, without compromise.

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